Since the nineties of last century I focused my favourite interest of landscapes, nature and architecture. Later I turned more and more to details and structures in nature - structures founding in the leafage of exotic plants, in stones and rocks, or even in tree barks.

With this approach to structures I am feeling in the tradition of Karl Blossfeldt, especially in his close-up views of botanical details. As well, I like the art forms became known as 'Neue Sachlichkeit' or 'Neues Sehen' by Albert Renger-Patsch. The photo art of Fritz Kühn and Hans Hartung of the sixties and seventies of the last century has fascinated me exceptionally through the utilisation of shadow and light on the one hand, and the mystifying of structures on the other hand.

In my own photos not only structures but also colours are important components.

I like to create aesthetic photo-compositions through the interaction of forms, contrasts and colours. I like to turn a small detail into an original motive.

I have found my subjects, the true light and colours especially during my journeys to Costa Rica, California, to the Canaries and to Australia. I am using a macro-lens to represent the structures of my photographic objects.

I am also dealing with the photography of people in the last years.

In 2017 I am discovering a passion for method of scanography. I like to experience with plants and I am fascinated about the plasticity and sharpness of smallest details.